Results By Design: Networking Gurus

Like many others  I am usually in avoidance of networking events.   In the past I’ve showed up only to be handed 30 cards2015 Goals from complete strangers and never getting anywhere with any of them.   I leave feeling disappointed, and wondering why I even wasted my time when no one wanted to actually connect.
I received an invite to attend Results by Design Coaching Networking event themed ‘2015 Goals’ last night.  Knowing Patricia, the sole-proprietor of Results By Design, I had this feeling she was going to take it to another level.   I showed up a bit late due to other appointments but I didn’t let that stop me from showing up.

Without a doubt I was blown away.   If you have taken any of Patricia’s courses  you know how powerful her coaching is. For a ten dollar donation this networking event was nothing short of her ability to get everyone vulnerable enough to connect and have fun.
Each1546118_250365551791034_633561115_n person got to discuss their own goals, whether they be personal, physical, business, and we even came up with our own BIG goals for the year.  As a group we masterminded and pop corned ideas out to help support that person with accomplishing their goals.
Not to mention there was food!
If you don’t attend next months you are seriously missing out on some serious connections that could really support you in your personal and professional life.
February is going to be about relationships in honor of Valentines Day!


2015 This one’s for you!

Here’s to the year I will watch more cartoons.0edf94300a2309d03c4bda88bd8365b2

Here’s to the year I will read more books.

Here’s to the year I will have more fun.

Here’s to the year I will laugh the most.

Here’s to the year I will finally take my beach vacation.

Here’s to the year my voice will be heard.

Here’s to the year of understanding.

Here’s to the year I will get out of debt.

Here’s to the year I won’t live in scarcity.

Here’s to the year I will love the world around me.

Here’s to the year I will have a full time successful business.

Here’s to the year I know longer have to struggle to pay my bills.tumblr_nd15n74kSJ1qaobbko1_500

Here’s to the year I empower others to chase their dream.

Here’s to the year I will move somewhere new.

Here’s to the year of more adventures.

Here’s to the year I will no longer let depression take over my days.

Here’s to the year I will continue to embrace fear.

Here’s to the year I will dress my best.

Here’s to the year where all my relationships are at a 10.

Here’s to the year I will create the best results.

HSigned-Yours-Truly-reclaimed-wood-sign-1ere’s to the year I will grow my family.

Here’s to the year I will have more balance.

Here’s to the year I will shine.

Here’s to the year I will start shifting the social paradigm.

What will you create this year?

I would save the world if I could.

Ever since I was a kid I knew I had a much bigger purpose. I use to have this idea that i was literally heaven sent. I spent many hours reading books that spoke about people who are disguised as Angels.

I knew that I was meant to help others in a much bigger way. I have this amazing intuition to see others for who they truly are. No matter how much of an jerk they maybe to others I can see the good in every person I meet.

I’ve never been money driven nor have I ever let that be my ‘why’ behind anything I’ve done.

There has always been a much bigger reason behind every decision I’ve made. Reasons that go beyond any happiness money can buy.

As I sit and plan my year I am beyond excited to get started. Although what I may be doing this year might be kick off of many more impactful years I plan for it to change millions of life’s.

Although I am getting burnt out on people .Tweeting me, “check out my YouTube channel and subscribe” I will be documenting my journey and inviting everyone to participate in what I am calling a ‘shift in the social paradigm’ and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

It’s my time to shine and I am ready to change the world.


How I Handle Uncomfortable Situations During the Holidays

Before I start writing anything out I always remind myself to write from the heart.

When I write my blogs I will always come from an “I” perspective and not a “you”.   I’ve never liked being that person that says YOU should do it this way, or this is the best way to handle a situation.

LIke anyone else I sometimes judge others because I don’t understand them or I dont necessarily agree with them.

I always go back to what I learned over the last year is that, they are doing the best they can with what they know in that moment.


How I approach a situation or an individual makes a huge difference on how the conversation goes.

I do my best to be patient enough to take the time to understand the person and connect.   I don’t feel its anyones intent to make anyone feel upset, uncomfortable, or unwanted.

A few remarks that I took to personal tonight were;

“how were you even a bar back then?”

This was a conversation I was trying to have with someone I just met.   Although I felt the remark was rude I should of handled it better.  I just shut down and didn’t say anything after.   I know, I know..not the best way to handle it but I honestly didn’t know what to say at that point.

“I don’t even understand what you even do with your business?”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this so it doesn’t sl-Baby-bull-terrierurprise me that I get the question often.   It actually makes me feel good that someone has enough interest in what I am doing.   Since my business is still adapting, and changing daily its difficult for me to put into words exactly what I am doing.  I just told them once I have it all in place I would love to sit down and tell them about it.

“I don’t understand its just a hedgehog”

This one hit home for me big time.   Then I realized this person has never felt the love for an animal because guess what!?  they have never had their own pet.  In till they have a connection with an animal I cant expect them to understand why my hedgehog means so much to me.  Doing a little pet shopping now 🙂  if anyone can point in the right direction to find a english bull terrier it would be greatly appreciated.

The best thing about situations like this is I take positive out of every time.   Although it might be hurtful or make me want to avoid the person or situation I see it as a chance to grow, and learn.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great day!



Monday Morning Creating the Social Paradigm

My eyes are alwpictureays burning from these contact lenses.   Even when I put a brand new pair in my eyes still reject them.   I cant stop putting my hands through my hair.   Anxious and over being here I keep hoping with everything passing minute the picturesolutions will come pouring in.   I am always trying to make sense of everything.   Why do I try to create a way for business’s to connect with their clientele if I don’t know how to connect with others around me.   Yet I see so much beauty is this world I can get lost in others souls for hours.  I want to show others their beauty, their talent through social media.  It’s not just another floral shop, its not just another painting course, its not just another business coach.   They are something more than that.  They are their passion and if I can give others just a glimpse of this I know it could be life changing for everyone involved.   I am burnt out on reading articles on how we should be, what works and what doesn’t work.   I see others differently.   I see past the bullshit, the persona they put on to keep others from questioning if they are good enough.   This s why I am creating the shift in the social paradigm.

My Beautiful Soul

Instead of trying to one up everyone else and try to be something I am not I decided to let others see who I really am.


I am sensitive, and

Nothing makes me happier than food, and flowers.

My passion is to connect with others through social media.

My only addiction at the moment is carmel brulee lattes from Starbucks.

I want to inspire others and change the world.

I am working on what I am calling a ‘a shift in the social paradigm’

I feel so distant when I want to be closer.starbuckscoffee

I don’t expect anyone to make sense of this.

I only want you to see the beauty in it.  Not to judge.  Not to correct.  Just to accept and love.